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Spirit of Freedom

Spirit of Freedom, 3-5 octaves and optional Bb trumpet, level 3, 2009, Flagstaff, FL HB 360
Spirit of Freedom is based on a traditional Scottish tune "Hey Tuttie Tatie", which, according to tradition, was played by King Robert the Bruce's army at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. Robert Burns (1759-1796) penned lyrics to the melody in the song "Scots Wha Hae" published in 1793.  Roberts Burns said in a note to to his publisher that he was inspired by Bruce's "glorious struggle for Freedom, associated with the glowing ideas of some other struggles of the same nature, not quite so ancient."  This is seen as a reference the French Revolutionary Wars and the American Wars of Independence.  The main melody in "Spirit of Freedom" is central to German composer Max Bruch's 1880 masterpiece "Scottish Fantasy", Op 46 for violin and orchestra. Jared B Waterbury (1799-1876) set his hymn text "Soldiers of the Cross, Arise!" to this melody

Used as massed ringing at the International Handbell Symposium in Vancouver in 2016

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