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Reflection on Kelvingrove

Reflection on "Kelvingrove", 2-3 octaves, level 1, 1998, Lorenz, 20/1130L
Based on the traditional Scottish melody this reflective piece may be performed as an aid to reflection during meditative reading of the text of the hymn by John L. Bell and Graham A. Maule "Will you come and follow me if I but call your name" (The Summons). Alternatively a narrator may read the text of the hymn in a free manner. 

Kelvingrove on the River Kelvin, near where it joins the River Clyde, is now a part of the city of Glasgow.  This tune appears in Smith’s collection “Scottish Minstrel” in 1824, though it was then called Kelvin Water, but the tune was long known as “O the shearin’s no for you” which was the first line of the old song.
This arrangement was ranked within top 40 of retail sales for 1998, Jeffers Retail Division

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