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Renaissance Dance - Volta

Renaissance Dance - Volta from Terpsichore, 2-5 octaves with optional percussion, 2-part descant recorders, or violin and cello, or keyboard, level 2, 2008, From The Top Music, 20174-M (conductor full score); 20174-H (handbell score); 20174-SK (strings/keyboard score); 20174-R (2-part recorders score).

A Renaissance Dance is based on Volta from Terpsichore by Michael Praetorius (1571-1621), a lively dance tune rooted in medieval dance song. This and many other such tunes sprang up as dance songs to help celebrate the movement from darkness to light at the winter solstice - an occasion of joy and hope. This tune is appropriate at any time of the year and is often used at Christmas since in the 19th century, this tune was given Christmas words: “Jesus so sweet, Jesus so mild, Jesus was born a little child

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