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Child Born of Mary

Child Born of Mary (Baloo Lammy),  2-3 octaves, level 2, 2009, AGEHR, code AG23035

Baloo Lammy is a 16th century traditional Scottish cradle song about the “blessed Bairn.” "Bairn" is Scots for Child.  “Baloo” is a gentle “hush!”. “Lammy” is a loving diminutive of “lamb.”  So “Baloo, Lammy” means “Hush, my Little Lamb.”

The full original title was "An Sang of the birth of Christ," from James, John and Robert Wedderburn's Ane Compendium Buik of Godly and Spirituall Sangis (1567)

"This day to you is born a child
of Mary meek, the Virgin mild.
That blessed bairn, so loving and kind
shall now rejoice both heart and mind.
Baloo Lammy."

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