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Dance and Sing

Dance and Sing (alternative title Faery's Lament), 2-3 octaves, level 2, 2004, GIA Publications, G-6314
This traditional Scottish Gaelic lullaby “Pulling Bracken” was collected in the Hebrides by Marjorie Kennedy-Fraser (1857-1930) and the legend is that the faery who sang the song was in love with the young girl whom he met when she came out to cut the bracken.  When her family caught her they kept her locked up in their home.  Since she didn't come any more the faery became despondent and sang the song.  The melody has been set to the text of modern hymns "Dance and Sing All the Earth" (which follows the course of Creation as celebrated in Genesis Chapter 1) by John Bell and Graham Maule; and for Easter "Lifted High on Your Cross" by I. Cowie - writers of the Iona Community.  If performed using the title "Faery's Lament" then it would be performed at the slower marked tempo adding an optional rainstick throughout; if performing with the title "Dance and Sing all the Earth" then it would be performed at the faster marked tempo adding an optional light tambourine ad lib.  Massed selection for Scottish Schools Ring held in Dunblane Primary School with 200 pupils performing. 

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